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Infrastructure Deployment Strategies:

We help you to understand the weedy part of the current distributed system and provide a solution that rectifies the current issues and upgrade to a recognized system of conversant technology.

Business Process Re-Engineering:

On detailed analysis on the customer business processes our consultants recommend modifications to ensure satisfaction on the most out of the DTS investment bythe customer.

Workflow Management:

DTS consultants, implementation experts and support team can help the customer take control of their system and ensure it continues to operate at its highest levels with proper training and strong up-to-date knowledge base.

Scalable and Reliable Design:

Our consultants will help you design the most reliable system to ensure it scales and maintain the service levels with the DTS and the vendor as well.

Technical Optimization:

At DTS, we analyze any customer current infrastructure endto-end and integrate DTS solutions ensuring it is optimized so you can achieve higher accuracy and throughput performance.

Professionals Productivity Improvements:

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Infrastructure Maintenance Procedures:

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Post Implementation Services:

DTS Support & Services offers spe

  • On-Site / Off-Site trainings based on specific project or DTS implemented solutions which are tailored to our partners, system Integrators or customer needs and delivered by a senior professional with hands on experience.
  • Workshops for partners covering DTS solution which includes storage, networking, security, backup, Infrastructure maintenance and monitoring.